Out on the front porch, I'm naked, and Alison is topless, and we start a mock battle.  Of course she manhandles me but look at our size difference!
5:09 min

Car Wash
Something I wanted to do while the weather is still so hot, do a car wash in a bra & panty set that I think is perfect for this scene.  Then a little flashing at a restaurant.
5:28 min

Classic Nudity
Some big warehouse place, and I walk around butt naked in it.  There's a ladder there too so I climb it for more butt views.
2:33 min

Park Flashing
Its a fresh new morning, and I'm walking the park!  OF course, I'm not just going to do a regular walk, I take my shirt off and flash the neighbor's dog, and out comes my butt!
5:27 min

Rain Stories
A rainy day!  Can't go out at all, but you get to see my new hairstyle.  Talked about some crazy things I did when I was younger.
3:53 min

Warming Up
I do some stretching exercises, on the same carpet I did my last shoot in.  Its my blue nightie and nothing else!
6:00 min

Creamy Activity
At the kitchen I do some munching on a banana, then cream up my body (breasts and butt mostly).
10:00 min

Alison Massage
Yay! I meet Alison again, and she gives me a very nice breast and butt massage. She has a very nice touch, and it made me so relaxed.
6:34 min

Stretching Exercise
Mixing up pilates, karate, and yoga, I'm trying to keep up my flexibility as I get older.  Video of me stretching.
3:47 min

Bedroom View
Lia is videotaping me while the pictures are being taken, some on the bed, some on the dresser table.
5:26 min

Valentines' Video
I start just giggling and showing off my Valentines' gifts from members, then a more serious talk about not having a boyfriend!
11:21 min

Its a cold day allright, even if it is sunny.  I'm wearing a light seethrough 'windsong' summer dress at the park.
6:58 min

Posing at the Resort
Christmas shoot at some fancy hotel, then Lia shows up, and we hang out at the cafe/restaurant and chat about men & other things.
15:12 min

Playing with Lia
We have this little Christmas tree which we decorate together, all butt naked except with Santa hats on.  Lots of fooling around!
25:58 min

Bubble Bath
First, I'm getting changed to a new dress, then I'm in a jacuzzi where I take a bubble bath.  Mostly just cleaning myself up.
8:14 min

Bike Ride
This is not my bicycle, but for someone much taller than me!  I tried riding it, but I keep falling.  So I mostly posed with it & Lia.
9:00 min

Backyard Waterfall
Some video of my photoshoot at the backyard pool that had some really nice landscaping to look natural.
3:53 min

Sedona Adventure
We travel to Sedona, and head to the woods where I get naked and pose on the rocks, then flash my boobs on the road.
10:42 min

Lunch Tease
Just a little lunch break, and I do a nipple tease at the restaurant. I never really wear a bra.
  1:00 min

Birthday Present
Just a little lunch break, and I do a nipple tease at the restaurant. I never really wear a bra.
  3:31 min

Stealing Cookies
Since they don't feed me here, I raid the kitchen cabinet while the dog wants a piece of it all.
5:57 min

Sexy In Skimpy Wear
Video of me posing in the silver corvette, butt naked & spreads & everything, and some indoor bathroom video.
13:01 min

Schoolgirl in Trouble
I'm in a bad girl schoolgirl outfit, playing video games with no panties and being turned upside down by a big guy.
14:48 min

Nude Yoga
I did some stretching exercises for a bit, for myself but also so you can see a bit of my Yoga routine.
3:28 min

Fairy In the Forest
Its all about me in the cold dark autumn forest, barefoot with butterfly wings.  I look really cute running around naked!
6:58 min

Gymnastics on Grass
Just a short video where I'm doing my cartwheels and flips.  I'm a bit rusty since I used to do this when I was 14, but its still good!
0:55 min

Husky and Wolf
Just a short video where I'm doing my cartwheels and flips.  I'm a bit rusty since I used to do this when I was 14, but its still good!
11:41 min

Dad's Girlfriends
I'm posing with a little bunny, then all of a sudden we start talking about my dad, and the fact that he dates girls my age.
10:38 min

Risky Public Nudity
Its all about taking picture butt naked in every local office building we could find, and yes I got caught by an employee leaving.
19:29 min

Hiking Adventures
We first went to the Pali Trail jungle, then we went to the Diamond Head trail where I hiked in a schoolgirl outfit panty-free.
9:17 min

Cleaning Lady
Ok, so I'm fixing lightbulbs, then vacuuming the floor topless, then scrubbing the floors butt naked.  I guess you guys go for that!
5:33 min

Kitchen Duty
Keeping up with the theme of cleaning up the place, I'm washing dishes now, but I end up using soap on my body everywhere!
6:53 min

Temple Offerings
It was such a fun video, we went to a Buddhist temple, and I did my prayers then strolled around butt naked & flashing my breasts.
5:25 min

Mean Girl
I'm not really mean but I wanted to play the dominatrix part in this video.  Then I started examining myself in the mirror.
4:34 min

Lingerie View
I'm in some cute lingerie I bought that day, reading a science fiction book.  Then I start spreading my legs, and the camera goes down.
5:02 min

Top of Waikiki
I'm in a super sexy dress on a busy rooftop, then I flash my breasts and private parts in the lobby while people are nearby.
1:45 min

Shower Time
First part of the video is me taking a shower and lathering my private parts, then video of my towel bed photoshoot.
9:27 min

Playboy Bunny
I've got the perfect outfit for cute pics indoors.  The video records my shoot and some really neat views under the glass table..
7:13 min

Body Jewelry
This is all about the video camera coming up close to my private parts, with some of my jewelry as decoration.
5:43 min

In my jeans & pink bikini I do some cartwheels and hand-stands while my breasts fall out of my bikini!
1:47 min

Black Rock Nudes
Lots of video of me posing in my pink bikini, then the part you really like: Sand all over my private parts videotaped up really close.
12:02 min

Beach Ball
After more crawling around in sand, I get completely naked and play beach ball with one of my fans, running around everywhere.
7:03 min

Sandy Crawl
While I'm crawling around in the sand, waves keep crashing into me and get sand all over under my bikini.  Nice pictures though!
4:17 min

Jogging on the Beach
6am in the morning and I'm at Sandy Beach, going topless and jogging while locals watch all of it.  Some beautiful pictures here.
4:51 min

Sarongs & Beaches
We headed to the North Shore, and took pictures along the way.  At the beach I got naked and had 'some' fun walking on the rocks.
19:47 min

Long Braids
A member of FTV and a big fan of mine videotaped me while the photographer took pics of me in my braids on the bed.
5:09 min

Comfy Indoors
I played a bit of piano and then did some posing with red satin panties on.  I showed off my back stand bridges for the first time.
12:10 min

Blue Hawaii Dress
We went to the front of the house, took pics in my beautiful dress and then stripped down in the back yard for some cute nudes.
12:50 min

Hawaii Home
A local resident of Hawaii let us shoot in his home, so we started with the kitchen, living room and back yard.
11:58 min

Sexy Black Spread
After my sexy black dress photoshoot we did a video indoors where I massage by breasts and then spread my private parts.
5:21 min

Daytime Nap
We had a pretty lengthy photoshoot at some hotels in my pink dress, so I took a little nap.  I was videotaped up close.
3:58 min

Streets of Waikiki
I have a new cute green summer dress and sexy heels, and I'm headed for some play in Waikiki with nude flashing.
4:50 min

Waikiki Shopping
My shopping adventure continues, and try on different cute clothes and do some flashing.  Indoors I strip completely naked.
5:05 min

Farwell Jezebele
I take Jezebele to the airport for her return home, then I head off for some shopping.  I'm looking for clothes & bikinis to wear!
9:26 min

Rain in the Sun
After a walk on the beach we watched some touristy stuff at a hotel, then it started raining on us and we came home soaking.
7:24 min

Over the Rainbow
We went to the boat docks nearby and posed more there flashing breasts & private parts, then headed for the beach.
5:51 min

No Panties Together
We changed into summer dresses, visited a resort and got naked there, kissing each other & sucking on nipples.
9:17 min

Hugs & Kisses
Video of Jezebele teaching me how to do makeup, then us getting prepared & video of our first hugs & kisses photoshoot.
24:54 min

Airport Encounter
My first video in Hawaii, Jezebele is waiting for me (my plane is delayed) and we meet up for a little stroll through Waikiki.
11:08 min

Skinny Dipping
The weather is hot outside, and since it was cool for me to make my hair wet, I went naked into the pool and swam around.
12:38 min

Dressy Shoot
A sexy black dress & heels I borrowed from Alexa, it made me look very sexy.  The sun outside was very bright for my eyes.
7:25 min

FTV Girl
I wanted one of those FTV shirts so I had to pose in it, outdoors. The assistant videotaped me while the photographer took the pics.
6:37 min

My Cover Page
I got to see my FTV cover pages on the office wall, then we went to the bathroom and I did some posers against the mirror.
3:54 min

Playing the girliekins I'm on the pink bed playing with the stuffed animals when the assitant handcuffs me to the bed.
7:30 min

Foot & Butt Wash
Since my feet & butt had gotten muddy on the grass, we went to the kitchen while the assistant put water in the right places.
6:01 min

Green Girl
Playing around in the back yard and rolling around the grass, I'm getting pictures taken.  I'm also getting muddy.
8:53 min

On the Carpet
I was just relaxing on the carpet with my jeans on when we started taking photos again.  The assitant took the video from a distance.
4:43 min

Lunch Interview
We're having a sub sandwich, and while there are many people there, the assistant pinches my nipple.  Outside I have some topless fun.
6:01 min

Blue Lingerie
Its my first day of shooting and I'm very excited about it!  I show off some of my clothes, and undress for you.
8:50 min

Red on the Couch
I'm posing for the photographer on the couch, in a red dress. I strip down and dance around with my blue stuffed animal.
21:01 min

Living Room Posing
The assistant is videotaping me while I pose in different places around the living room naked.
14:09 min

Welcome Back Fiona
Its my first day of shooting and I'm very excited about it!  I show off some of my clothes, and undress for you.
9:27 min
Butt Study
This is totally about my butt, and the video gets wide angle & closeups of my butt in every sort of view we could come up with.
4:21 min

Change of Clothing
I got down to stripping and putting on some clothes & lingerie that you'll really like on me.  The sort of stuff that you'd want to see me wear in bed.
11:31 min
Copyright 2004-2006 RHS Photography, L.L.C.