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'Dark & Sensual' Jezebele
Of course, you guys have already seen her with me in my Hawaii videos.  She has such a sexy body and she's an amazing kisser.  Her stuff is pretty extreme, and she is so sexual, she can masturbate and orgasm several times a day.   She can squirt when she wants to!  Her site is mostly video based.

She's wearing a sexy black dress & she does one of her infamous squirting orgasms.

Just like me, she has a coverpage for FTV.  Mine is right next to hers. 

She did the exact same things on the beach a week before me, running topless. 

Jezebele has an amazing figure, the perfect breasts and very pretty feet. 

'Pink Princess' Lia
I've met her before, she is a very friendly, if not 'a little wild & crazy' and very energetic.  She is a real-life athlete, and she does masturbate a lot in her videos.  Definitely not the fake kind of girl, always very open and honest about how she feels... maybe a little too honest!

She demonstrates her athletic ability by hiking topless! 

She looks cute in 'Brittney Spears' style stuff.  Goes shopping and flashes. 

She masturbates in this video, and she really does get ultra wet down there. 

This is a way funny video, when she meets her fan in her contest. 

'Picture Perfect' Alexa
We've never met in person, but she is blessed with the most perfect features.  I mean a face that should be on the cover of a major magazine, and breasts so big, so round and so perfect.  I've never seen such firm natural breasts like that in my life.  Jezebele and Alexa have very similar looks though.

You see how gorgeous she is in these pics, and how sweet her personality is in video. 

She went to the same Buddhist temple I visited.  A lot of our trip was similar. 

She is in a sexy dress I ended up borrowing from her.  She squirted here! 

She definitely looks hot as a schoolgirl.  I'd do her too!  Just look at those boobs! 

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